How to Increase Instagram Reel Views?

How to Increase Instagram Reel Views

Did you know that reel ads currently reach over 10.9% of the world’s 13+ population? Needless to say, knowing how to increase Instagram reel views can instantly elevate your marketing game! 

With more and more people seeking quick entertainment, 90-second short videos have emerged as the new marketing landmine. Utilizing the massive potential of this format could get you viewers who wouldn’t come across your brand with conventional promotion techniques. 

However, making content is only half the battle! You also need to ensure it reaches the right audience. Now let’s come to the question that is How to increase Instagram reel views?

10 Strategies to Increase Instagram Reel Views Effectively

In this article, you will read all about 2024’s top strategies to boost insights. So to get more views on Instagram reel, follow these steps: 

Try to Understand the Algorithm 

Increase Instagram reel views

Like any social media platform, Instagram also uses its own search algorithm. For a creator, knowing all the latest algorithm guidelines is a crucial step. 

Instagram, like TikTok or YouTube Shorts, has a separate tab for watching non-stop videos. Based on what kind of videos users have liked in the past, it tailors the content to their liking. 

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to use relevant hashtags and keywords in the caption. When the algorithm scans your content, it goes through the soundtrack, video quality, and caption. 

Rely on Creative, Original Content

One simple mantra to keep in mind is – the more creative you are, the more audience you attract! Your original content should be memorable, entertaining, high quality, and leave the viewers wanting more. 

Start by researching your target audience and analyzing their likes or dislikes. Get a gist of your niche and see what’s already performing well and getting high Instagram reel views. Once you’re familiar with the content, conceptualize the idea, and give it your original touch. 

Side by side, work on your consistency and have enough content in the pipeline to last a few days. 

Leverage the Popularity of Trends

If you’re planning to quickly increase views on Instagram reels, hop on to ongoing trends and challenges. At any particular time, there are plenty of trending meme formats, templates, and visuals for you to incorporate into your content. 

Also, users can search the popular audio clips and see all the reels created using it. As such, you are more likely to attract people who are familiar with the ongoing trends and get wider exposure. 

However, you must also remember to not copy videos blatantly but introduce the trending concept smartly in your ongoing content scheme. 

Start With an Attention-Grabbing Hook

Instagram users are watching 17.6 million hours of reels every day! The competition is fierce and if you’re not good enough, your efforts to get more views on reels are likely to fail. 

While watching IG reels, a view is considered when a user stays for 3 seconds or more on your video. However, with continuously decreasing attention span, most people scroll past within a second or less.

Therefore, you need a strong hook that can grab the audience’s attention in a flash. For example, use action statements like:

  • “Don’t scroll past without knowing…”
  • “X things you’re doing wrong.”
  • “I bet you don’t know about…” 
  • “Try this new hack…” 

If you notice, all these statements have something in common. They force the user to stop, think, and take action. A hook like this is likely to ignite the curiosity of the audience and ultimately contribute to reel views on Instagram. 

Work on the Visual Aesthetic of Reels

As humans, most of us are visual learners and we tend to be attracted to vibrant colors. Instagram is an ideal platform to make the best use of visual appeal and get more followers with an interesting aesthetic scheme.   

To ensure the quality of content, invest in a good-quality camera and editing software. The final output should be instantly striking and all about leaving a positive impression on the viewer’s mind. 

To increase Instagram reel views, you can start by making an attractive thumbnail, skillfully using transitions, and adding text in a bold and easy-to-read font. Transitions are usually hard to master but can be very useful for impressing the masses. 

Use Hashtag Analytics Tool for SEO 

While marketing your products and services, you can always buy free Instagram reel views from Validviews. However, using relevant hashtags is an equally important step that will make your content popular with the right audience. 

Hashtags must include keywords centering your niche and tell the algorithm about its intended purpose. However, overcrowding the caption with tons of hashtags isn’t a great move either. 

A hashtag analytics tool will help you find low competition and high search volume yielding results. Side by side, you can also go check online if any of your hashtags have been banned by Meta. 

Make the Best Use of Reel Templates

Let’s be honest – making a reel can be a hectic task, especially if you’re a one-person army. In that case, templates are your best friend. 

Instagram often gives its users a chance to create a reel using popular templates. All you need to do is add media and text, and you’re done! The system will automatically sync it with the audio and add special effects, if any. 

You can also search for “Instagram reel templates” online and find plenty of tools and software offering the same functions. 

While you can’t completely rely on templates to increase Instagram reel views, you can utilize them every once in a while. 

Add Shoppable Products to Reels

Currently, 35% of users are finalizing shopping decisions on the app. With the majority of users being in the age range of 18 and 34, the chances of your viewers turning into potential customers are high.

While uploading a reel, creators get an option to tag shoppable products. Here, the viewer doesn’t need to be redirected to any different application or website. All the product details and prices can be viewed only by swiping up. 

Using this feature is like killing two birds with one stone. It can help you increase views on Instagram reels as well as earn real-time profit. 

Publish Content at the Right Time

In the sea of reels and posts, getting sufficient social traction within an hour of posting is essential. If more people view Instagram reels from your account and interact with them in the initial stage, it is likely to positively impact the insights and overall performance. 

For that, you need to post when your followers are most active. For example, if you’re posting IG reels when most of your follower base is inactive or sleeping, your content will most probably get lost on user feeds. 

So, what’s the best time to post reels on Instagram? The answer will depend on your audience and you can also search it using the Meta Business suite. However, 11 AM on Wednesdays and 9 AM on Saturdays are known to be high engagement hours. 

Keep the Reel Content Short 

If you post a video shorter than 15 minutes on Instagram, it automatically gets posted as a reel. However, if you start creating it using the Instagram built-in tool, the default length is 90 seconds. 

IG reels were designed to produce short-form content. Keeping the video short and crisp gets you more traction than unnecessarily dragging its duration.

The preferred Instagram reel length should be less than 15 seconds. You can utilize this time very well by adding an energetic hook and fast-paced content. To conclude, you can say that the shorter, the better. 


Missing out on Instagram reel format these days is like saying goodbye to a whole world of future followers and customers. 

But with an increasing number of users, creator accounts are also on the rise! That means the competition out there is constantly getting tough and you need to work on strategies to increase Instagram reel views. 

Buying Instagram reel views from Validviews can give you a good head start. Side by side, you must also work on producing entertaining content and integrating in-demand keywords at the right places. 

Reels are great for brand exposure and customer acquisition! However, the platform doesn’t really pay you directly even after getting millions of views. That’s why it is also advised to create on YouTube and collect the ad payout. Here’s how to get more YouTube views and grow in this creator economy. 


1. How to get more views on Instagram reel

To get more views on Instagram reels, start by devising a well-planned content strategy tailored to your target audience. Now, post consistently using the right hashtags, audio, and captions to get noticed. 

2. How to get 100k views on reels? 

Getting 100k views on reels, which is equivalent to going viral, is no easy task. You can focus on understanding the reel algorithm and leveraging the popularity of trends. For a much-needed performance boost, can come in handy with its remarkable Instagram reel views packages. 

3. How do you increase views on Instagram reels?

To increase views on reels, you can add a catchy hook in the first few seconds. Side by side, you can also use popular music audio and make transition videos using the template formats. 

4. Why my Instagram reels are not getting views?

There can be multiple reasons for your Instagram reels not performing well. Maybe you are posting content at the wrong time when most of your followers are inactive. Also, you might be using banned hashtags that can negatively impact SEO. 

5. How do you make a reel go viral?

To make a reel go viral, you can try using an appealing reel cover and audio that is presently not very popular but is going to explode in a few days. You can also add overlay texts and captions in English. Doing so will ensure that people from all over the world can understand, despite not knowing regional languages.

6. Do hashtags work on reels?

Much like regular Instagram posts, hashtags work for reels as well. You can add them in the caption section and users can click on it to see other reels with the same hashtag. 

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